NFR index

The combined separate non-financial report (NFR) includes a description of concepts and due diligence processes and their results for the five non-financial aspects “environmental concerns”, “employee matters”, “social matters”, “respect for human rights”, and “compliance”. Thirteen material topics previously identified through the materiality analysis are reported in detail. The following index provides an overview of the pages of the Sustainability Report on which this information is available.

Environmental concernsPages in the Sustainability Report 2023
Climate changeClimate neutrality
Resource efficiency and environmental protection
WaterResource efficiency and environmental protection
Employee matters 
Working conditionsDiversity, employees, and people development
Occupational health and safety
Non-discrimination and 
equal opportunity
Diversity and equal opportunity 
Occupational health and safetyOccupational health and safety
Social matters 
Product quality and safetyProduct safety and integrity
Human rights 
Employees in 
the value chain
Responsibility in society and the supply chain
Affected communitiesResponsibility in society and the supply chain 
Corporate cultureCorporate governance
Whistleblower protectionResponsibility in society and the supply chain
Due diligence and whistleblowing system
Corruption and briberyBusiness integrity
Data privacy, information, and IT securityData Privacy, Informations- und IT Security 
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