1. Sustainability 
and innovation

Successful change needs innovation – innovation allows fundamental changes. As a motion technology company, the Schaeffler Group represents the power of innovation, as it aims to break new ground, pursue new ways of thinking, and help shape progress. Innovation forms the foundation for the technological transition and has always been the basis for the company’s role as a pioneer in the development of products and applications that make motion more sustainable. More than ever before, the power of innovation is a key factor in company success – and an important requirement for making the world more sustainable.

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2. Sustainability strategy 
and a strong network

The company’s sustainability strategy forms the basis for the sustainable transformation in the Schaeffler Group. The company established its sustainability roadmap in 2019 and has continued to develop the sustainability strategy ever since. This strategy covers the entire value chain and is aligned with the dimensions of environment, social, and governance.

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3. Climate Action Plan

The Schaeffler Group established the Climate Action Plan in 2022 to achieve its climate targets and systematically rolled it out throughout the company in 2023. The plan defines measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and forms the framework for developing and implementing the necessary climate action measures. The Climate Action Plan is based on four important pillars.

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4. Climate Action Day Anniversary

The Schaeffler Group would like to give every employee a sense of just how important it is for the company to achieve its climate targets. The Schaeffler Group therefore conducted its first company-wide Climate Action Day in June 2022, creating an interactive and inspiring experience that not only visualizes the company’s path to climate neutrality, but also generates enthusiasm, curiosity, and commitment among employees in the areas of climate change mitigation and sustainability. Employees also collected a variety of ideas during the event, such as how to reduce CO2e emissions in every business division.

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5. Innovative and sustainable highlight projects in 2023

Sustainability is a core element in the development of Schaeffler products and is deeply interconnected with the topic of innovation. The company implemented many successful projects again in 2023 that help provide customers with innovative, sustainable solutions for the mobility and energy systems of the future. The spectrum ranges from innovative coating solutions for bipolar plates and remanufacture of electric motors to intelligent repair solutions for modern electric vehicles.

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