Climate Action Day Follow up

At the group-wide Climate Action Day in summer 2022, all of the approximately 83,400 employees in 34 countries and 92 locations turned their attention to the climate. They collected ideas for how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in all of the business divisions. These ideas were organized according to clusters and then evaluated for feasibility. To mark the first anniversary of the Climate Action Day in summer 2023, Schaeffler CEO Klaus Rosenfeld and his fellow members of the Board, COO Andreas Schick and CTO Uwe Wagner, reported in a video message on the progress that the company has made in the area of Climate Neutrality since then:

“We have already made significant progress, which we can all be proud of. One important example is purchasing green materials. We now document the product carbon footprints of materials and components and agree on binding targets with our suppliers. In addition, we have firmly established the sustainability targets in the profit-sharing model for Schaeffler employees. That said, we are well on our way, but we haven’t reached the finish line yet”.
Klaus Rosenfeld,  Chief Executive Officer
“By the end of 2024, every Schaeffler Group location around the world will purchase electricity exclusively from renewable sources. We will also continue to increase energy efficiency at our plants. All measures are being integrated into a long-term, comprehensive reduction path, which we will consistently implement in the coming years”.
Andreas Schick,  Chief Operating Officer
“Sustainability begins with the development process, and we plan to systematically reduce the carbon footprint of our entire product portfolio. We can do this by analyzing potential to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of products as well as economic and technical feasibility. This allows us to decarbonize our products efficiently in preparation for the future”.
Uwe Wagner,  Chief Technology Officer

Many initiatives at locations around the world

There were also a variety of initiatives at many plants that demonstrate the Schaeffler employees’ outstanding commitment:

Caldas, Portugal

Employees presenting the photovoltaic system at the Schaeffler plant in Caldas, Portugal, on the occasion of the Climate Action Day Anniversary.

Szombathely, Hungary

Climate Action Day Anniversary in Szombathely, Hungary. The CRS S3 team after presenting the video messages and the discussion with the management about what has been achieved thus far and the next steps in climate change mitigation.

Hereford, UK

The warehouse team in Hereford, UK, presenting the Executive Board’s video message.

Herzogenaurach, Germany

Besides many workshops, healthy cycling initiative at the Herzogenaurach plant was fun for employees.

Berndorf, Austria

Climate Action Day in Berndorf, Austria: From CEO to trainees, the entire workforce planted trees and collected trash. 

Kappelrodeck, Germany

An insect hotel was installed at the Kappelrodeck plant in Germany on the occasion of the Climate Action Day Anniversary.

Schaeffler Manufacturing, Thailand

The employees of Schaeffler Manufacturing Thailand carried out a tree-planting campaign at their site on the occasion of the Climate Action Day Anniversary.

Huejotzingo, Mexico

Greetings from Mexico: The Production Logistics SMX team in Huejotzingo after presenting the video messages and the discussion about the results achieved thus far as well as the next steps in climate change mitigation.

Hosur, Indien

Segment wise workshops have been conducted. 226 ideas were arrived from the participants and Sustainability Committee is working on it.

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