Enertect PC+: Innovative coating solution for sustainable mobility 

The innovative, high-performance Enertect PC+ coating system has helped reduce costs and the carbon footprint for the entire product life cycle, including production and the use phase. The system makes metallic bipolar plates, a central component for fuel cell systems with proton exchange membrane or electrolyzers, more efficient, more cost-effective, and even more sustainable. Developed internally by the Schaeffler Group, the ultra-thin coating is free of precious metals and boasts a special nano-structured design, making it as robust and effective as a solution containing precious metals. This can reduce the carbon footprint of the coating by more than 90 percent and that of the entire metallic bipolar plate by 20 percent. 

“Innovative coating solutions like Enertect are a key component of sustainable energy mobility ecosystems of the future. With our intensive research and development activities in the area of surface technology, we play a key role in making hydrogen technology sustainable and future-oriented”.
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Tim Hosenfeldt,  Head of Central Technologies at Schaeffler

REASSERT project: A second life for electric motors

Headed by the Schaeffler Group, a consortium is developing strategies for the repair and remanufacture of electric motors, with the aim of developing a prototype for a recyclable electric motor. It needs to be easy to dismantle and suitable for the circular economy, thus reducing the use of natural resources and minimizing waste.

“We combine climate change mitigation and cost-effectiveness in the REASSERT project. We are working to minimize the environmental footprint of our electric motors as well as examine new business models”.
Kseniia Lindner,  Senior Specialist Energy Chain and LCA R&D Powertrain System e-Mobility
“To make the transport sector more sustainable, we also think about sustainable business models for the aftermarket. That includes the remanufacturing of electric motors, which the project evaluates on the basis of environmental as well as economic criteria”.
Martin Pusdrowski,  Product Manager Remanufacturing Strategy AAM E-Mobility Product Management ePowertrain
> 90 %

reduction in carbon footprint achieved through Enertect PC+ coating developed by Schaeffler.

E-Axle RepSystem-G: Repair instead of replacement

For the first time, the Schaeffler E-Axle RepSystem-G allows workshops to properly repair new electric units rather than replacing them entirely, which is very costly. While a replacement unit replaces the entire powertrain, the Schaeffler E-Axle RepSystem-G makes it possible to only replace relevant components or the parts with the highest wear, which not only saves resources and money, but also reduces CO2e emissions.


“Intelligent repair solutions for modern electric vehicles are a central component for a comprehensive mobility transformation. The increasing technical complexity of vehicles also requires innovative solutions and spare parts, which we supply to the automotive aftermarket”.
Jan Bambas,  Global Head for Sustainability, Advocacy & Associations Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket
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