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32. Highlight projects  
Innovative Beschichtungslösung für eine nachhaltige Mobilität Enertect PC+: Innovative coating solution for sustainable mobility  The innovative, high-performance Enertect PC+ coating system h  
33. 2023  
SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 2023 The Schaeffler Group views sustainability as a comprehensive, overarching topic and develops its approach accordingly. The Sustainability Report 2023 reveals the company’s d  
34. Climate Action Plan  
People: Actively supporting the sustainable transformation Lasting change requires the motivation, the integration, and ultimately the commitment of everyone involved. It’s the employees who, with  
35. Sustainability strategy  
Important milestones in sustainability strategy implementation The Schaeffler Group’s corporate culture has always been characterized by long-term thinking and responsible action, which also ext  
36. Innovation  
Sustainability and innovation Successful change needs innovation – innovation allows fundamental changes. As the Motion Technology Company, the Schaeffler Group represents the power of innovation,  
37. Focus on  
ROOTED IN INNOVATION 1. Sustainability  and innovation Successful change needs innovation – innovation allows fundamental changes. As a motion technology company, the Schaeffler   
38. Terms of Use  
Terms of Use General Conditions of Use for the Schaeffler Website 1. Scope 1.1 Any use of the web pages (Schaeffler Website) offered by Schaeffler AG ("Schaeffler") shall be subje  
39. Privacy  
Privacy Policy We are pleased about your interest in the Schaeffler Group (Schaeffler AG and affiliated companies) and our products. The protection of your privacy when using our online o  
40. Imprint  
Contact information/Imprint Publisher Schaeffler AG Industriestr. 1–3   91074 Herzogenaurach, Deutschland
 Tel.: +49 (0)9132 82-0 (Zentrale) 
Fax: +49 (0)9132 82-49 50 www.schaeffler.com    
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