Fundamental information about the Schaeffler Group

At a glance

Business activities and organizational structure

Part of NFRThe Schaeffler Group is a Motion Technology Company determined to drive forward and bring to market groundbreaking technologies. Employing a workforce of 83,400, the Schaeffler Group develops and manufactures components and systems for powertrains and chassis as well as rolling and plain bearing solutions for a large number of industrial applications. Additionally, the company renders services in these areas and provides repair solutions in original-equipment quality for the automotive spare parts market worldwide.

The Schaeffler Group is characterized by a three-dimensional organizational and leadership structure which differentiates between divisions, functions, and regions. Thus, the Schaeffler Group’s business is managed based on the three divisions – Automotive Technologies, Automotive Aftermarket, and Industrial. The corporate headquarters of the Schaeffler Group are located in Herzogenaurach. The Automotive Technologies division is headquarted in Buehl. The headquarters of the Automotive Aftermarket division are located in Frankfurt. The Industrial division is located in Schweinfurt.

The planned business combination with Vitesco Technologies Group AG is one of the key steps in this transformation. It is aimed at broadening the Schaeffler Group’s business and technology portfolio, particularly in the area of electric mobility, and organizing it into four focused divisions going forward.Part of NFR

Revenue of the Schaeffler Group
in € millions

Revenue, total16,31315,80913,852
Of which Automotive Technologies 1) 2)9,7729,4988,436
Of which the business division E-Mobility 1) 2)1,3121,3461,038
Of which Automotive Aftermarket 1) 2)2,2532,0401,848
Of which Industrial 1)4,2884,2713,568
  1. Prior year values according to the segment structure indicated in 2023. Rounding differences are possible.
  2. The 2022 value has been adjusted.

Production network and locations

Part of NFRThe companies in the regions and countries represent the Schaeffler Group locally, and their proximity to the customer supports the company’s growth. The company has a worldwide presence with more than 200 locations, 82 production facilities, 20 research and development centers, as well as a tight-knit sales and service network. A global production network, the 82 plants with approximately 64,000 employees form the operational core, managed based on uniform, cross-divisional principles. The global production system and the manufacturing technologies are key to the company’s success.

The global production system and manufacturing technologies are continually enhanced in order to safeguard the future competitive ability of the Schaeffler Group.Part of NFR

Schaeffler Group plants and R&D centers

R&D Center


ISO 14001ISO 45001ISO 50001
AmericasBrazilSorocaba 1Automotive TechnologiesPlant
AmericasBrazilSorocaba 2Automotive TechnologiesPlant
AmericasBrazilSorocaba R&DR&D CenterR&D
AmericasCanadaStratford 1IndustrialPlant
AmericasCanadaStratford 2Automotive TechnologiesPlant
AmericasMexicoHuejotzingoAutomotive TechnologiesPlant
AmericasMexicoIrapuatoAutomotive TechnologiesPlant
AmericasMexicoPueblaAutomotive TechnologiesPlant
AmericasMexicoPuebla R&DR&D CenterR&D
AmericasUSACheraw IBCAutomotive TechnologiesPlant
AmericasUSACheraw ITCAutomotive TechnologiesPlant
AmericasUSAFort Mill 1+2Automotive TechnologiesPlant
AmericasUSAFort Mill R&DR&D CenterR&D
AmericasUSATroy R&DR&D CenterR&D 
AmericasUSAWoosterAutomotive TechnologiesPlant
AmericasUSAWooster R&DR&D CenterR&D


R&D Center


ISO 14001ISO 45001ISO 50001
Asia / PacificIndiaHosurAutomotive TechnologiesPlant
Asia / PacificIndiaHosur R&DR&D CenterR&D
Asia / PacificIndiaManeja (Vadodara)IndustrialPlant
Asia / PacificIndiaPuneAutomotive TechnologiesPlant
Asia / PacificIndiaPune R&DR&D CenterR&D
Asia / PacificIndiaSavliIndustrialPlant
Asia / PacificJapanYokohamaR&D CenterR&D


Asia / PacificSouth KoreaAnsanAutomotive TechnologiesPlant
Asia / PacificSouth KoreaChangwonAutomotive TechnologiesPlant
Asia / PacificSouth KoreaChangwon R&DR&D CenterR&D
Asia / PacificSouth KoreaJeonju Automotive TechnologiesPlant
Asia / PacificThailandChonburiAutomotive TechnologiesPlant
Asia / PacificVietnamBien Hoa CityIndustrialPlant

RegionCountryLocationDivision/ R&D CenterTyp


ISO 14001ISO 45001ISO 50001
EuropeAustriaBerndorfAutomotive TechnologiesPlant✓ 
EuropeCzech RepublicLanskrounAutomotive TechnologiesPlant ✓
EuropeCzech RepublicSvitavyAutomotive TechnologiesPlant
EuropeFranceChevillyAutomotive TechnologiesPlant
EuropeFranceHaguenau ILFIndustrialPlant
EuropeFranceHaguenau IRFAutomotive TechnologiesPlant
EuropeFranceHaguenau R&DR&D CenterR&D
EuropeGermanyBühlAutomotive TechnologiesPlant ✓
EuropeGermanyBühl R&DR&D CenterR&D
EuropeGermanyBühl-BussmattenAutomotive TechnologiesPlant
EuropeGermanyErlangen (Frauenaurach)R&D CenterR&D
EuropeGermanyGunzenhausenAutomotive TechnologiesPlant
EuropeGermanyHerzogenaurachAutomotive TechnologiesPlant
EuropeGermanyHerzogenaurach R&DR&D CenterR&D
EuropeGermanyHirschaidAutomotive TechnologiesPlant
EuropeGermanyHöchstadt HMKAutomotive TechnologiesPlant
EuropeGermanyHöchstadt HMSIndustrialPlant
EuropeGermanyHomburg ILHIndustrialPlant
EuropeGermanyHomburg IWHAutomotive TechnologiesPlant
EuropeGermanyHomburg R&DR&D CenterR&D
EuropeGermanyHomburg SWHAutomotive TechnologiesPlant
EuropeGermanyIngolstadtAutomotive TechnologiesPlant
EuropeGermanyLahr 1Automotive TechnologiesPlant
EuropeGermanyLahr 2IndustrialPlant
EuropeGermanyMorbachAutomotive TechnologiesPlant
EuropeGermanyNürnbergR&D CenterR&D


EuropeGermanySchweinfurt FABIndustrialPlant
EuropeGermanySchweinfurt R&DR&D CenterR&D
EuropeGermanySchweinfurt SW1IndustrialPlant
EuropeGermanySchweinfurt SW2IndustrialPlant
EuropeGermanySuhl IndustrialPlant
EuropeGreat BritainSheffieldAutomotive TechnologiesPlant
EuropeHungaryDebrecenAutomotive TechnologiesPlant
EuropeHungarySzombathely 1+2Automotive TechnologiesPlant
EuropeHungarySzombathely R&DR&D CenterR&D
EuropeItalyMomoAutomotive TechnologiesPlant
EuropePortugalCaldas da RainhaIndustrialPlant
EuropeRomaniaBrasov 1IndustrialPlant
EuropeRomaniaBrasov 2IndustrialPlant
EuropeRomaniaBrasov 3Automotive TechnologiesPlant
EuropeRomaniaBrasov R&DR&D CenterR&D
EuropeSlovakiaKysuce 1Automotive TechnologiesPlant
EuropeSlovakiaKysuce 2IndustrialPlant
EuropeSlovakiaKysuce R&DR&D CenterR&D
EuropeSlovakiaSkalica 1Automotive TechnologiesPlant
EuropeSlovakiaSkalica 2IndustrialPlant
EuropeSouth AfricaPort ElizabethAutomotive TechnologiesPlant
EuropeSpainElgoibar (Rodisa)Automotive TechnologiesPlant

R&D Center


ISO 14001ISO 45001ISO 50001
Greater ChinaChinaAntingR&D CenterR&D
Greater ChinaChinaNanjing 1IndustrialPlant
Greater ChinaChinaNanjing 2Automotive TechnologiesPlant
Greater ChinaChinaSuzhouAutomotive TechnologiesPlant
Greater ChinaChinaTaicang 1Automotive TechnologiesPlant
Greater ChinaChinaTaicang 2Automotive TechnologiesPlant
Greater ChinaChinaTaicang IZTAutomotive TechnologiesPlant
Greater ChinaChinaTaicang SCNAutomotive TechnologiesPlant
Greater ChinaChinaXiangtanAutomotive TechnologiesPlant
Greater ChinaChinaYinchuan FXRIndustrialPlant
Greater ChinaChinaYinchuan YC2Automotive TechnologiesPlant

Group strategy

Part of NFRFurther developed in 2020 to continue the Schaeffler Group’s transformation with a forward-looking, targeted approach, the Group strategy pursues the vision of being the automotive and industrial supplier of choice that boasts innovation, agility, and efficiency. Digitalization and sustainability were also identified as essential topics for success. The “Roadmap 2025” provides a summary of the Schaeffler Group’s holistic strategic focus based on a conceptual framework containing three material elements:

  • The “Strategy 2025” defines the strategic approach and the course of action
  • The “Execution Program 2025” defines seven specific subprograms
  • The “Mid-term Targets 2025” provide a financial objective and correspond with the overarching aim of generating sustainable value

The Schaeffler Group has refined its corporate profile within the strategic framework. It now positions itself as a Motion Technology Company. The term “motion” serves as the connecting element for the six newly defined product families.

“Guide motion” comprises bearing and linear guides. “Transmit motion” refers to transmission and engine components. “Generate motion” represents the actuators. “Drive motion” consists of electric motors and electric drives. “Energize motion” describes hydrogen bipolar plates and stacks. Finally, “Sustain motion” stands for repair and maintenance solutions. This builds on the claim “We pioneer motion” that has been in place since 2020. The Schaeffler Group sees its mission in offering innovative products and services across the wide spectrum of motion technology. This mission is supported by the Schaeffler Group’s diversified positioning.Part of NFR

Strategy 2025


central future trends had a major influence on the development of the “Strategy 2025”

Part of NFRFive central future trends had a major influence on the development of the “Strategy 2025”: (1) sustainability & climate change, (2) new mobility & electrified powertrain, (3) autonomous production, (4) data economy & digitalization, and (5) demographic change. On this basis, the Schaeffler Group defined five focus areas that form the contextual framework for potential growth initiatives and establish strategic investment fields. These focus areas should support efficient, long-term use of resources and are designed to ensure that the range of products and services covers all three divisions.Part of NFR

Execution Program 2025

Part of NFRThe “Strategy 2025” is implemented through the “Execution Program 2025”, which is broken down into three divisional (vertical) and four cross-divisional (horizontal) subprograms. These are set up to achieve the defined strategic priorities: innovation, agility, and efficiency. Bundling all relevant divisional and cross-divisional “Roadmap 2025” activities in the “Execution Program 2025” will not only drive the Schaeffler Group’s transformation but also promote cross-divisional synergies and increase efficiency and thus profit.

Divisional and cross-divisional subprograms

The “Sustainability & Engagement” subprogram is dedicated to establishing environmental and social responsibility in the company’s value chain as a central success factor for sustainable management. The Schaeffler Group views sustainability as a comprehensive and overarching topic, which is why the subprogram is also structured along the dimensions environment, social, and governance (ESG). In this way, all of the activities necessary for achieving the defined ESG targets are bundled and accordingly managed, which in turn enables a consistent implementation of the sustainability strategy.

Within the three ESG dimensions, the overarching “Finance & IT” element helps to develop internal and external sustainability reporting and to establish the required infrastructure and data quality, while the “People” element helps qualify and further train the team in individual sustainability aspects.

By establishing sustainability topics as a key component of the Execution Program, potential dependencies on and interactions with other strategic topics and subprograms can be identified and addressed early on.Part of NFR

Mid-term Targets 2025

Part of NFRThe third component of the “Roadmap 2025” are the “Midterm Targets 2025” adopted in 2020 that the company intended to attain by 2025. They sustained the overarching objective of sustainable value creation and expressed the planned result of the company’s strategy and the execution program in quantitative terms.Part of NFR

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