Sustainability organization

At a glance

  • The Chief Executive Officer’s function is responsible for sustainability
  • A global sustainability network helps to implement the ­“Sustainability & Engagement” subprogram

Sustainability management

Part of NFRThe Executive Board consists of the eight Managing Directors of Schaeffler AG and the four regional CEOs and serves as the central decision-making body when it comes to sustainability. The Chief Executive Officer’s function is responsible for sustainability. The Supervisory Board is tasked with monitoring fundamental decisions relating to the sustainability strategy and its implementation. The Executive Board is supported by topic-specific steering groups, which share information on a monthly basis, assess implementation progress, and prepare discussions for the Executive Board.

Steering groups

Steering groups are managed according to topic by sponsors defined at the Board of Managing Directors level and coordinated by the sustainability strategy department, which reports to the Chief Executive Officer. The company’s global sustainability network does preparatory content-related work for the steering groups and consists of representatives of all the divisions, functions, and regions in accordance with Schaeffler Group’s organizational structure. 

This approach shall ensure the integration of the appropriate departments into the “Sustainability & Engagement” subprogram as part of the “Roadmap 2025” as well as efficient, targeted implementation.Part of NFR

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