Sustainability strategy

At a glance

  • The Schaeffler Group further defined its ten action fields in 2023
  • A company-wide ESG policy was adopted as a form of binding action guidelines for all sustainability activities

Strategic framework

Part of NFRFor the Schaeffler Group, sustainable company success means assuming not only economic but also environmental and social responsibility throughout the entire value chain. The “Sustainability & Engagement” subprogram forms the framework for implementing the sustainability strategy and achieving sustainability targets. It is divided into six overarching sustainability initiatives in an effort to promote the Schaeffler Group’s sustainable transformation according to topic: (1) Strategy, (2) Green Purchasing, (3) Green production, (4) Green products, (5) Finance & IT, and (6) People. The “Green Purchasing”, “Green Production”, and “Green Products” initiatives place a key focus on the value chain as a whole and encompass projects that, among other things, pursue specific decarbonization activities in the supply chain, in production, and in the product portfolio. The overarching “Strategy”, “Finance & IT”, and “People” initiatives form the foundation of data and qualifications for the sustainability transformation.Part of NFR

Strategic framework for the sustainability strategy

Action fields

Part of NFRThe Schaeffler Group defined ten action fields for the implementation of its sustainability strategy, which are allocated to the three dimensions environment, social, and governance (ESG). These action fields were further defined in the 2023 reporting year.

In addition, comprehensive measures such as those for managing and empowering the organization have been identified and partially implemented. For instance, a company-wide ESG policy was developed as a form of binding action guideline for all of the sustainability activities at the company and was adopted by the Schaeffler Group Executive Board. The ESG policy is now available to all employees on the Schaeffler intranet.Part of NFR

Action fields of the Schaeffler Group


  1. Climate neutrality

    Climate neutrality

    Activities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and thus achieve climate neutrality.

  2. Resource efficiency and environmental protection

    Resource efficiency and environmental protection

    Activities to continuously increase resource efficiency and develop environmental protection measures.

  3. Circularity


    Activities to promote circularity by slowing down, reducing, and closing energy and material cycles.

  4. Green products

    Green Products

    Activities to optimize the environmental sustainability performance of all offered products throughout their entire life cycle.


  1. Diversity, employees, and people development

    Diversity, employees, and people development

    Activities to promote diversity, equal opportunities and inclusion as well as acquire and train employees and encourage employee loyalty.

  2. Occupational health and safety

    Occupational health and safety

    Activities to continuously improve and maintain occupational health and safety for employees.

  3. Responsibility in society and the supply chain

    Responsibility in society and the supply chain

    Activities to assume social responsibility not only in internal production, but also in society and the supply chain.

  4. Product safety and integrity

    Product safety and integrity

    Activities to ensure product safety and integrity.


  1. Corporate governance

    Corporate governance

    Activities to establish and further develop internal controls and risk management processes and to consider non-financial aspects in management remuneration as well as comprehensive stakeholder management.

  2. Business integrity

    Business integrity

    Activities to establish responsibility and value-based behavior in all business relationships and activities.

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