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The Schaeffler Group has prepared a consolidated separate nonfinancial report (in the following also called “” for the common term “nonfinancial reporting”) for 2017 that fulfills the Group’s obligation to declare nonfinancial information according to the German Directive Implementation Law. The NFR contains a description of concepts and due diligence processes and their results for the five nonfinancial aspects of “environmental concerns,” “personnel matters,” “social matters,” “respect for human rights,” and “combating corruption and bribery” following the twelve material topics that were identified in the context of the materiality analysis carried out in 2016 and that were also confirmed by an external auditor. The information contained in the NFR is also represented in the Report. The NFR Index gives an overview of the pages of the Sustainability Report on which this information can be found.

Download (PDF): Consolidated separate nonfinancial report of the Schaeffler Group for the year 2017

Environmental Concerns


Pages in the Sustainability Report 2017

Products and Technologies


Green Products

Environmental Management


Integrated Management Systems, Environmental Management

Energy and Emissions


Integrated Management Systems, Commitment to Climate Protection

Material and Resource Management


Integrated Management Systems, Environmental Management




Personnel Matters



Employee Advancement and Development


Employee Advancement and Development

Occupational Safety and Medicine


Health Management

Social Matters



Customer Relations


Customer Relations

Responsibility in Supplier Relationships


Responsibility in the Supply Chain

Transparency, Dialog, and Reporting: Focus on Community Dialog


Stakeholder Dialog and External Recognition, Corporate Citizenship

Human Rights



Human Rights


Human Rights Due Diligence

Combating Corruption and Bribery





Corporate Governance

Nonfinancial report that capital market-oriented companies are required to publish according to EU Guideline 2014/95/EU or Sections 289b et seq. HGB and Sections 315b et seq. HGB. Schaeffler fulfills its reporting obligations through a consolidated separate nonfinancial report.
Corporate Social Responsibility; designates the social responsibility of a company.
Sustainability means utilizing natural resources in a way that observes the particular economic, environmental and social conditions without neglecting the interests of future generations.