Product quality and safety

  • Schaeffler has the highest standards for holistic product quality and safety
  • All production sites have certified quality management systems

“Quality for Tomorrow” initiative

Part of GNFK StartTo ensure the highest quality both today and in the future, Schaeffler has launched the “Quality for Tomorrow” initiative as part of the . To ensure that both products and processes are free from errors, the following priorities have been set:

  • Continuous improvement of products and services in the core business
  • Constant improvement of the quality management system as well as the manufacturing and business processes
  • Preventive measures in product development through product safety assessments on products selected according to the risk-based approach defined in

The “Quality for Tomorrow” Initiative will be completed by the end of 2020. Until then, Schaeffler wants to further reduce the number of complaints as an important quality indicator from year to year.

Schaeffler ensures and improves the quality of its products and processes with a variety of tools: All Schaeffler Group production sites1) have certified management systems in accordance with globally recognized quality standards and regulations.

The company has successfully implemented the requirements of the following certification-relevant standards in all Schaeffler plants concerned worldwide:

  • IATF 16949:2016 quality management system (automotive industry standard)
  • ISO/TS 22163 quality management system (with specific requirements for the application of :2015 in the railway sector)
  • SAE AS 9100D:2016-09-20 quality management systems (requirements for aerospace and defense organizations)
  • ISO 9001:2015 quality management system (industry standard)

The conformity of the products, systems, and processes is periodically checked and confirmed at the affected locations by way of internal and external audits.

In 2019, product liability cases2) were able to be avoided thanks to the standard company processes and the integrated product safety management system that was introduced.Part of GNFK End

High standards in product safety


coverage rate of quality management systems1)

Part of GNFK StartProduct safety is an essential quality characteristic for industrial plants and transport systems. Schaeffler ensures safety through standardized and audited processes. In July 2019, the integrated product safety management system (IPSMS) was successfully introduced.

The Schaeffler Group’s product safety officers are trained in a combined online and face-to-face training. In addition, Schaeffler conducts annual industry-related product safety days during which automotive professionals and executives discuss safety matters with , authorities, and government organizations. The meetings serve to make product safety and processes even more reliable together. The fourth product safety day was held in Herzogenaurach, Germany in March 2019. In addition to representatives of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy, 28 companies from China, the USA, Brazil, France, and Germany attended the event.Part of GNFK End

Trademark protection in real time via an app

Part of GNFK StartQuality must also be protected from external threats. Trade in counterfeit products, for example, not only damages the manufacturer, but their use can also result in material damage to vehicles and industrial equipment or personal injury. The Schaeffler Group fights product piracy with a holistic approach. A brand protection team coordinates preventive measures against trademark infringements and the legal prosecution of confirmed cases. In addition, Schaeffler provides its customers with solutions to authenticate suspected counterfeit products. In 2019, several requests from different countries have been identified as fake by the app.Part of GNFK End

1) According to the scope of the Schaeffler Group’s management manual and valid certification rules.

2) Product liability cases (pursuant to the product liability law) are claims by end users against Schaeffler for compensation for damage occurred to the end user as the result of a safety-related product defect.

Agenda 4 plus One
The Schaeffler Group’s program for the future to help execute the strategy “Mobility for tomorrow”. It includes the five categories Customer focus, Operational excellence, Financial flexibility, Leadership and talent management, as well as Securing long-term competitiveness and value creation. A total of 20 strategic initiatives that have significance worldwide and have been selected from a variety of initiatives are in turn assigned to these categories.
IATF 16949
Global norm for quality management systems of companies in the automotive industry.
ISO 9001
Globally valid norm for quality management systems.
Abbreviation of “Nongovernmental Organization”.
Ensuring that all rules and regulations applicable to a process are adhered to.