Sustainability management and organization

  • The Sustainability, Environment, Health and Safety () department under the HR function is responsible for sustainability management
  • The Sustainability Committee is the central decision-making body

Sustainability management strengthened

The Schaeffler Group sees sustainable action as a cross-sectoral issue that is relevant in all business divisions. To lend more weight to the issue, Schaeffler has established a central decision-making body in the form of the Sustainability Committee, which consists of the eight members of the Board of Managing Directors, the four regional CEOs, and the functional managers of sustainability-relevant departments. The Sustainability Committee meets quarterly. Supported by the preparatory Sustainability Coordination Council, the Sustainability Committee makes central strategic decisions for the sustainable development of the Schaeffler Group and sets non-financial corporate targets.

The SEHS department – as part of the HR function – has been responsible for sustainability since 2019. Among other things, it manages the sustainability strategy, defines performance indicators, conducts internal and external sustainability reporting, and supports the dialogue with key stakeholders.

The operational implementation of sustainability-related topics is decentralized in various functions, divisions, and regions of the Schaeffler Group. The supply chain was particularly in focus in 2019. Against this background, the Purchasing & Supplier Management Sustainability department was created in May 2019.

Sustainability organization

Sustainability organization (graphic)
Abbreviation of “Sustainability, Environment, Health and Safety”: This department is part of the Human Resources function and is, among other things, responsible for sustainability management at Schaeffler.