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For the Schaeffler Group, sustainable company success means assuming economic, environmental, and social responsibility throughout the entire value chain. The sustainability report 2022 showcases the most important activities and achievements.

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The Schaeffler Group has responded to the challenges of climate change and aims to achieve climate-neutral operations by 2040. The company will include the entire supply chain on this climate journey.

Our goals

Energy efficiency

100 GWh cumulated annual efficiency gains, through implementation of energy efficiency measures by 2024

Status report year


(2021: 46.8 GWh1))

Renewable energy

100% of purchased power from renewable sources by 2024

Status report year


(2021: 67.9%)

Climate-neutral supply chain

Climate-neutral supply chain (Scope 3 upstream) by 20402)

Status report year

6254 Thous. t CO2e

(2021: 6,199 Thous. t CO2e)

Climate-neutral production

Climate-neutral production (Scope 1 and 2) by 20302)

Status report year

488 Thous. t CO2e

(2021: 699 Thous. t CO2e)

Freshwater withdrawal

20% reduction of freshwater withdrawal by 2030 (compared to 2019 value: 5,784 thous. m3)

Status report year

5560 Thous. m3

(2021: 5,618 Thous. m3)

Employee safety

10% average annual reduction of accident rate (LTIR) by 2024 (compared to 2018 LTIR value: 6.2)

Status report year


(2021: -15.2 %3))

Diversity in top management

Increase in the share of women in top management to 20% by 2025

Status report year

15,0.0 %4)

Sustainable suppliers

90% of purchasing volume of production material from suppliers with sustainability self-assessments by 2022

Status report year


(2021: 68.6%)

1) Cumulative values since 2020.

2) Efforts to achieve these targets focus on reduction measures; unavoidable emissions are offset with compensation measures.

3) Change in the accident rate (LTIR) compared to prior year (in %).

4) Figure was first reported in 2022.