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The combined separate non-financial report () includes a description of concepts and due diligence processes and their results for the five non-financial aspects “environmental concerns”, “employee matters”, “social matters”, “respect for human rights”, and “compliance”. Thirteen material topics that were previously determined as part of the materiality analysis are reported in detail. The following index provides an overview of the pages of the sustainability report on which this information is available.

Environmental concerns


Chapter in the Sustainability Report 2022

Innovative mobility solutions


Green products
Product safety and integrity

Innovative solutions for the industry and energy sector



Environment and climate protection


Sustainability strategy
Sustainability targets
Climate neutrality
Resource efficiency and environmental protection
Green products

Employee matters



Employee advancement and development


Employee advancement and development

Occupational health and safety


Occupational health and safety

Diversity and equal opportunity


Diversity and equal opportunity

Attractive workplace


Diversity, employees and people development

Social matters



Product quality and safety


Product safety and integrity

Customer satisfaction


Consistent customer orientation

Long-term, profitable growth


Corporate strategy
Sustainability strategy
Sustainability targets
Sustainability organization
Stakeholder management and materiality analysis

Human rights



Social and ecological standards in the value chain


Responsibility in society and supply chain




Corporate compliance


Business integrity

Information security


Data privacy, information and IT security

Separate Non-financial Group Report
With the separate Non-financial Group Report, the Schaeffler Group makes use of the option pursuant to Section 315b (3) of the German Commercial Code to prepare the non-financial disclosure (NFD) outside the Group Management Report. Thus, it is integrated in the Sustainability Report. The NFD contains information on environmental, social and employee aspects as well as on respect for human rights and anti-corruption.