Chassis applications

  • The Schaeffler Group’s chassis applications are centered around advancing automation of driving functionalities on the path to autonomous driving
  • Series development of innovative by-wire solutions as well as consistent optimization of chassis components

Autonomous driving

Part of GNFK StartThe mobility solutions of the future will introduce higher degrees of automation, all the way up to fully autonomous driving. In addition to increasing traffic safety, autonomous driving can also contribute to climate-friendly mobility through more efficient driving. Furthermore, self-driving vehicles can lead to greater social inclusion for people who are unable to drive a car themselves. To support and advance this transition, the company is working on systems that can fulfill high safety and availability requirements. These will also enable a continuous expansion of assistance systems in vehicles and thus promote a higher degree of autonomous driving. In addition, concept vehicles are being developed internally for mobility solutions such as the electric Schaeffler Mover, which enables fully autonomous mobility for people and goods.Part of GNFK End

Schaeffler Mover

The Schaeffler Mover, which is an electric vehicle powered by four wheel hub motors, forms the basis for various utilization concepts – from cars and robo-taxis to autonomous cargo transport solutions.

In addition to the mechanical and electronic challenges of these new systems, software development in particular plays a key role, especially when it comes to connectivity. This new type of intelligent connected vehicles (ICV) represents an important component of digitalized mobility. Fully autonomous driving will only be possible by connecting ICVs and the environment, e.g. a traffic management system.