Customers and products

The Schaeffler Group takes a holistic approach to developing innovative product solutions for the demands of the future – from climate-friendly energy generation and alternative drives to intelligent repair solutions and new mobility concepts. For example, Schaeffler Industrial increases energy efficiency in wind turbines with its low-friction bearings. Automotive Technologies develops alternative drive technologies that help reduce the average CO2 emissions of vehicles. Automotive Aftermarket solutions extend the life cycle of vehicles in accordance with the latest environmental standards. With its products and solutions, the company helps its customers to achieve their climate goals.

The products of the Schaeffler Group directly contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (). For example, energy chain products help to achieve the goal of “Affordable and Clean Energy” (SDG 7). Predictive maintenance and bearing solutions enable resilient and sustainable “Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure” (SDG 9). Technical innovations for electrically powered cars, scooters, eboards, and ebikes encourage the development of “Sustainable Cities and Communities” (SDG 11).

SDG overview

Abbreviation of "Sustainable Development Goals": The United Nations' 17 goals for sustainable development, intended to help secure sustainable development on the economic, social, and ecological level.
The Industrial division develops and manufactures bearing solutions, drive technology components and systems, as well as service solutions such as monitoring systems for a variety of industrial applications. In addition, the division is working intensively on new products for the hydrogen economy.