Chassis applications

  • Chassis applications are centered around advancing automation of driving functionalities on the path to autonomous driving
  • Series development of innovative solutions as well as consistent optimization of chassis components

Autonomous driving

Bestandteil des GNFK Start The mobility solutions of the future will introduce higher degrees of automation, all the way up to fully autonomous driving. In addition to increasing traffic safety, fully automated driving – i.e. autonomous driving – can also contribute to climate-friendly mobility through more efficient driving. Furthermore, highly and fully automated vehicles can increase social inclusion for people who are unable or limited in their ability to drive a car themselves. In an effort to both support and advance this transition, the company is working on chassis systems that can fulfill high safety and availability requirements. These systems will make it possible to expand existing assistance systems and thus achieve a higher degree of automated driving, just as mechatronic chassis systems will ensure that energy is used sparingly and only when necessary.

The “SpaceDrive” technology of the joint venture Schaeffler Paravan Technologies enables an electronic control system (by-wire) that fulfills stringent safety and availability requirements and even supports highly and fully automated driving. Having covered more than a billion kilometers in a whole host of applications and strutted its stuff in extreme motorsports, this technology has already proven its worth.Bestandteil des GNFK Ende

Schaeffler rolling chassis

With its rolling chassis, the Schaeffler Group has presented a flexible, scalable platform for new, driverless mobility solutions for use in the transport of passengers and goods as well as special applications such as cleaning machinery.

New mobility concepts

The modular rolling chassis platform developed by the Schaeffler Group is a flexible architecture for developing sustainable mobility solutions, with the design freedom extending far beyond the steering and drive.

From Schaeffler electric axles to Schaeffler wheel hub motors, drives of any kind can be used. Both central steering and wheel-selective actuators can be used for steering in the Schaeffler corner modules. In a system with wheel hub drive, the corner modules enable a drive solution that combines 90° steering, braking, wheel suspension, and air suspension.

The Schaeffler rolling chassis also offers a central interface for the rest of the vehicle in the form of a chassis control unit, which the “virtual driver” provides with curve and acceleration commands. For the international IAA MOBILITY exhibition in 2021, the Schaeffler Group and Mobileye, a subsidiary of the Intel Group and leading supplier of systems for automated driving, entered into a long-term partnership to develop autonomous shuttles up through series production on the basis of this platform.

Allows for safe and reliable vehicle steering by purely electronic means.