Attractive workplace

  • The Schaeffler Group protects and supports work-life balance with targeted measures
  • The company is continuously working to ensure a safe and balanced working environment

Work-life balance

Bestandteil des GNFK StartAs a global family business, the Schaeffler Group makes every effort to achieve the best work-life balance possible through family-friendly arrangements. This includes job-sharing models, which are permitted on an individual basis following consultation with a manager. In close coordination, a full-time position is split between two people, who then share the responsibilities. And to accommodate individual circumstances such as caring for family members, the company enables all employees in Germany to reduce their working hours with an income adjustment.

The company complies with relevant legal provisions on parental leave, which is complemented by regional programs that, e.g., allow employees to work from home after their parental leave. 2021 saw the end of a pilot project in Germany that offered external mentoring to help parents in leadership positions return to work after their parental leave. In the future, the mentoring program will also be offered to employees without leadership responsibilities.

Depending on their requirements, older employees have the option to shorten or extend their employment. Since early retirement is often associated with a decrease in subsequent retirement income, the Schaeffler Group can increase payment into retirement with collective bargaining agreements in Germany, thus minimizing reductions in income upon retirement.Bestandteil des GNFK Ende


Bestandteil des GNFK StartThe Schaeffler Group makes every effort to ensure fair wages for all employees. Wages are structured in a way to acquire and hold on to talented individuals and reward good performance.

Since rules differ around the world, remuneration is structured on a country-by-country basis. Just about every Schaeffler location has either collective agreements or payment systems that have been agreed on with the Works Councils through a company agreement. Each location also observes the legally guaranteed minimum wage in the respective labor markets as well as principles such as equal pay. The Schaeffler Group uses a job assessment system to enable comparison of the individual countries. As established in the , the company is dedicated to ensuring an unprejudiced working environment that appreciates everyone. Varying pay for the same work is primarily the result of different levels of relevant experience, expertise, and performance.Bestandteil des GNFK Ende

Considering the workforce’s interests

Bestandteil des GNFK StartThe Schaeffler Group respects the right of its employees to freedom of association and to negotiate collective bargaining agreements, which is also firmly established in the Code of Conduct. Since collective bargaining agreements are subject to country-specific provisions, these are negotiated locally. When working with the employee representatives, the company pursues constructive interaction based on trust. Apart from this, it always allows its employees to express their interests directly.

The Schaeffler Group is interested in working with advocacy groups to shape the fundamental transformation taking place in the industry and identify balanced solutions. The company’s approach to any necessary job cuts is as socially compatible as possible, implementing rules on partial retirement and severance agreements with the understanding of both parties. Internal relocation and normal fluctuation are also used.Bestandteil des GNFK Ende

Distribution of employees by region1)

Distribution of employees, regions (pie chart)

1) The regions represent the regional structure of the Schaeffler Group.

Abbreviation for "Code of Conduct": The Code of Conduct describes the values and principles of behavior to be followed in letter and spirit by all employees of the Schaeffler Group. Furthermore, compliance with the commands and prohibitions is also expected from the Schaeffler Group's business partners.