Corporate strategy

  • The aim of the Schaeffler is to promote sustainability at the company
  • Assuming environmental and social responsibility in the supply chain is one of the central success factors for sustainable management

Corporate strategy – Roadmap 2025

The Roadmap 2025 conceptual framework consists of three key elements:

  • The Strategy 2025 defines the strategic approach and the course of action
  • The Execution Program 2025 defines seven specific subprograms
  • The Mid-term Targets 2025 provide a financial objective and correspond with the overarching aim of generating value over the long term

Roadmap 2025

Roadmap 2025 (graphic)

The corporate strategy was further developed in 2020 in order to continue the ongoing transformation of the Schaeffler Group with a forward-looking, targeted approach. The Schaeffler Group’s guiding principle is its vision of being the and automotive supplier of choice that boasts innovation, agility, and efficiency.

Divisional and crossdivisional subprograms

Divisional and cross-divisional subprograms (graphic)

Implemented through the Execution Program 2025, the features a total of seven subprograms, which are broken down into three divisional (vertical) and four cross-divisional (horizontal) subprograms. “Sustainability & Engagement” is dedicated to a variety of topics, including the establishment of environmental and social responsibility in the company’s supply chain as a central success factor for sustainable management.

More information on the Roadmap 2025 is available on page 10 et seq. of the Annual Report 2021.

Roadmap 2025
The Roadmap 2025 represents the Schaeffler Group's corporate strategy.
The Industrial division develops and manufactures bearing solutions, drive technology components and systems, as well as service solutions such as monitoring systems for a variety of industrial applications. In addition, the division is working intensively on new products for the hydrogen economy.
Roadmap 2025
The Roadmap 2025 represents the Schaeffler Group's corporate strategy.