Work-life balance

Flexible working hour models and opportunities that promote work-life balance are prerequisites for satisfied employees today. At the same time, they help to sustainably anchor the diversity program in the company because they offer people with different lifestyles the same career opportunities. The Schaeffler Group also offers its employees a variety of employee and family-friendly solutions based on demand. These include daycare centers, parent-child offices, and vacation programs for children.

Flexible working hours

In its HR strategy, Schaeffler takes into account flexible working hours solutions such as part-time, partial retirement, and reverse shift models. Reverse shift models are offers for couples who work shifts. The spouses can be assigned to opposing shifts, for example, to ensure alternating care of their children. In Germany, 6.3% of Schaeffler employees work part time.


of the monthly working hours may be performed from home

In addition, two telecommuting models are being offered across Germany. The “sporadic telecommuting” model is used by 11.4% of the workforce, and the “regular telecommuting” model is used by 0.8%. Up to 40% of the monthly working hours are allowed to be performed from home as long as a suitable working space is available and the employee’s duties can be organized appropriately. Schaeffler is also examining the possibility of comparable offers in locations outside of Germany.

In order to simplify and improve the accuracy of personnel planning and to achieve better comparability of employee-related data to the outside, Schaeffler introduced the key figure “full time equivalent” on January 1, 2019. As a result, the actual number of hours of employment will be considered as the basis of human resources work as of January 2019. Requests for part time work can be planned and budgeted more easily in personnel planning.

Childcare extended

Day care spaces for children of employees were created at multiple sites in Germany. There are also parent-child offices at the locations in Steinhagen and Herzogenaurach. In addition, special family programs are offered that Schaeffler supports. An example is the project “Summer Kids”, which arranges child-friendly vacation care under qualified supervision with various opportunities to play, do arts and crafts, and go on excursions.