Sustainable management

For the Schaeffler Group, sustainability means to operate successfully in the long-term in the interests of all its stakeholder groups and to create value for its stakeholders such as employees, customers, business partners, and society with the highest level of technological expertise. In addition, the Schaeffler Group maintains management structures and processes that are designed to ensure that all business activities comply with legal requirements and high ethical standards at all times. This requirement for integrity explicitly applies to the entire value chain.

Corporate security, data protection, and information and IT security management are also designed to support the diligent and orderly conduct of the business activities and its business partners and to prevent potential damage.

With its activities and measures in the sustainable management field of action, Schaeffler contributes to the “Sustainable economic growth and humane working conditions for all” (SDG 8) as well as “Strengthening the means of implementation and global partnerships” (SDG 17).

SDG overview

Sustainable Development Goals; 17 goals for sustainable development of the United Nations that are intended to help secure sustainable development on the economic, social, and ecological level.