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Together with our customers, we are designing the mobility of the future.

Megatrends such as climate change, globalization, urbanization, and digitalization present major challenges for us and our customers. We are transforming these challenges into tomorrow’s opportunities with innovative technical solutions.



patents were submitted by us to the German Patent and Trade Mark Office in 2018.

Where we stand

We asked the project managers for their subjective assessment:


How much of the business potential in wind power has Schaeffler already exploited?


How good is the feedback from the repair shops using the REPXPERT service?

Research and development expenses

As a forward-looking company, we invest in research and development. Around 7,900 employees worldwide work on innovative solutions at 20 research and development centers.

EUR 847 m
EUR 846 m
EUR 751 m

Closeness to customers as a success factor

Our products enable sustainable mobility. We develop drive systems, intelligent components, and solutions to generate renewable energy. The key factor for our innovative strength has always been the close relationship with our customers. Only those who recognize and understand the challenges of their customers at an early stage can develop solutions that are also tailored to their future needs. You can find more on these topics under “Customers and products”.

What we are doing for efficiency in wind power.

We follow a holistic approach: To make the mobility of tomorrow more sustainable, we are thinking of the entire process chain from energy generation to vehicle propulsion – starting with the generation of renewable energy.

“We are evolving from a pure component supplier to a system supplier. Our Industry 4.0 solutions ensure optimal operation of wind turbines.” Rudolf Walter, Vice President Regional Business Unit Wind Europe

“Our customers face tough global competition,” says Rudolf Walter. “In order to reduce their electricity generation costs, they strive to reduce downtime and increase the number of operating hours.” Schaeffler develops reliable, durable products for more economical plant operation. “With Industry 4.0 solutions,” he adds, “we can further increase the reliability of our components and break new ground in terms of operational management.”

Better performance – even in bearings

Every year, the installed capacity of wind turbines worldwide grows by around 10 percent. Schaeffler supplies increasingly efficient technical storage solutions for them.

Total installed capacity of wind turbines worldwide

How we contribute to our customers’ success.

In workshops around the world, mechanics carry out vehicle repairs with Schaeffler replacement parts every day. In view of the rapid technical development and more complex vehicle applications, this task is becoming increasingly demanding.

“We help workshops carry out repairs efficiently and with lasting success. We are available for them at any time on” Ralf Kuhlmey, Team Leader Technical Training & Technical Field Service

Be it an independent or authorized workshop, garages around the world should always receive the best possible assistance for repairing vehicles. That’s why Schaeffler developed the digital platform REPXPERT. The platform offers professionals guides, video tutorials, product brochures, and service information, but also a personal link to our experts. “On REPXPERT, you can also book on-site training with around 70 instructors like me,” says Ralf Kuhlmey.

Training situation

Schaeffler REPXPERT trainer Ralf Kuhlmey demonstrates the operation and inspection of a dual mass flywheel during technical trainings for repair shops. To guarantee optimal knowledge transfer, the groups are deliberately kept small, and theory and practice are combined in the best possible way.

REPXPERT platform

At the heart of the Schaeffler REPXPERT service offer, the globally available online portal provides all information on Schaeffler products along with required special tools, repair info and a range of possibilities to improve technical knowledge. It enables an immediate dialogue between Schaeffler and tens of thousands of car mechanics worldwide – from expert to expert.
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Our services

We offer a variety of services related to our products and repair solutions on the online REPXPERT platform. Garages benefit from our more than 40 years of experience in the automotive replacement parts business.

Visits to the REPXPERT online platform every month
Registered workshops worldwide
˜ 55000
Training participants in 2018
Country versions available in 12 languages