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We are responsible for our employees.

We want to attract the best employees, support them, and retain them in the long term. As a family business, we have always been committed to the well-being of our employees. It starts with creating a safe and healthy work environment.


people were employed by us worldwide at the end of 2018

Where we stand

We asked the project managers for their subjective assessment:


How far along is Schaeffler on the way to an agile organization?


How good is the response to the Schaeffler health portal?

Distribution of employees by region in 2018

The distribution of employees across the Schaeffler regions remains largely constant. The focus remains on Europe.

The regions represent the regional structure of the Schaeffler Group.

Proportion of employees by age group in 2018

The age distribution in the workforce corresponds to the trend towards an aging society. However, the proportion of under-20-year-olds has grown significantly.

Ready for the future

In the face of rapid technological progress and ever shorter innovation cycles, today’s knowledge is already outdated tomorrow. A core element of our human resources work is therefore to create a culture of lifelong learning. We want to prepare our employees in the best possible way for the demands of the future. In doing so, we rely on modern learning formats and new methods such as agile project management. You can find more on these topics under “Employees and society”.

How we are shaping the agile transformation.

Our market environment is undergoing a fundamental change. The complexity and pace of change require that we always adapt flexibly to new situations. Agile work helps with this.

“Agile work increases the satisfaction of our customers because we keep a better eye on their needs. At the same time, the employees’ mindset changes.” Marta Danilewicz, Head of Corporate Project Management Office

Whether a methodology toolbox, training, or individual coaching, we offer numerous opportunities to learn about agile working methods as part of the training programs in our Schaeffler Academy. “It’s not just about teaching a new method, but about initiating a real cultural change,” says Marta Danilewicz. “Our executives play a key role in this. That’s why we offer special training for them.”

Positive feedback

Thanks to the very high demand and positive feedback, the training opportunities will be further developed in 2019. Over 500 employees will pursue further qualifications in 50 different target-group oriented trainings.

average training assessment in 2018
employees trained
agile coaches and
scrum masters passed on their knowledge

Agile work

Agile work doesn’t only mean applying new work methods. It requires a different mindset that can only be disseminated through lived agile values and principles. It requires the creation of an environment that encourages self-organization, a culture of error management, and decisiveness.

Scrum masters and agile coaches play a decisive role in accomplishing this by assuming supportive managerial functions. They are responsible for the continuing development of their teams into a powerful, agile organization, and they help everyone involved to apply agile frameworks (such as scrum, kanban and lean startup), practices, rules, and values. Moreover, they support collaboration with teams in other divisions and with other functions.

How we are using digital media for the health of our employees.

We want to promote the health of our employees. The unique Schaeffler Health Coach online health portal offers extensive information and courses on healthy nutrition and physical and mental fitness.

“The health portal is accessible to all employees through an app, but the portal is even available outside of working hours on a private computer or smartphone.” Anja Buschner, Responsible for workplace health management

The Schaeffler Health Coach was developed in cooperation with Barmer health insurance. Regional fitness and health offers can be booked online. “Employees can each choose a particular topic on which they then receive weekly informational videos,” reports Buschner. In 2019, the portal will be expanded to include a telemedicine service. Employees can get medical advice by phone around the clock.

Successful start

Since the start of the Schaeffler Health Coach in December 2018, the service has been well received by the employees. By March 2019, 10 percent of the German workforce had already registered.

number of registered users in March 2019
20 %
of the German workforce is the target by the end of 2019
videos available (800 when introduced)

Schaeffler Health Coach.

Healthy. Simple. Mobile.

What does the health portal offer?

  • Easy online booking of all exercise classes and health offerings
  • Interesting videos with a lot of information and tips for employee health
  • Flexible, free use on private or business smartphone

New as of April 2019: Telemedicine

What does telemedicine offer?

  • Information on medicines and their side effects
  • Information on travel, for instance on recommended vaccinations
  • Information on treatment options for illnesses
  • Explanation of medical terms
  • Information on specialized clinics, health resorts, care providers, medical emergency services